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Member of the HR Path group, Univers PAiE specialises in payroll outsourcing management and personnel administration for companies. Since 1996, Univers PAiE’s experience allows us to guarantee high quality on HR and Payroll services. This is carried out on our platform services located exclusively in France: A 100% Made in France Payroll.

The main HRIS software companies, Cegid, HR Access, HR Path Software, Oracle, Pléiades, Sage, SAP, Silaexpert and Workday, are Univers PAiE’s partners.

Univers Paie, through its external growth operations and payroll outsourcing platforms under HR Path, has developed its presence on a national level  with new BPO poles by  regions. This gathers more than 150 Payroll Manager.

This growth enables us to address the challenges of our 750 customers with attentive payroll experts  and the necessary reactivity to respond to the real-time changes that impact the markets.

Univers PAiE’s services are intended for companies of every size and in all sectors of activity. Our outsourcing services also manage specific conventions such as those of the Automotive, Building and Public Works, Building Guards and Employees, and Entertainment Intermittents.

In addition, Univers PAiE has developed an exclusive offer for DOM and COM payrolls reflecting exemptions and specific funds, as well as the establishment of foreign companies in France  wishing to relieve themselves of the hard administrative of French Payroll managing.

Finally, we offer a dedicated service to chartered accountants who wants to outsource the publishing of their clients’ pay slips. 

We currently produce 1,000,000 pay slips per year and meet the requirements of 750 clients for major HRIS solutions on the French and international markets.


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About HR Path

In 2001, HR Path ignited the business in France. Today they are one of the global business leaders in HR solutions and implementations. Recently, they extended their business in India by acquiring company Go-Cloud solutions in September 2019 and Exaserv in October 2019.

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