Is your Payroll fair?

More than 70% of URSSAF inspections lead to adjustments.

A periodic audit of your payroll and your various agreements becomes a necessity.

Payroll is a profession in its own right

Chaque loi de finance, chaque changement de ministre, chaque changement idéologique apportent leurs lots de lois, réformes et de jurisprudence, sans compter les modifications conventionnelles.

Each finance law, minister change, and ideological change brings its share of laws, reforms and jurisprudence, not to mention conventional amendments.

We offer you a Payroll audit on :

  • The conformity of your pay slips
  • The correct application of your internal agreements and the collective agreement
  • Highlight your “Prud’homme” risks
  • Avoid the risks of recovery
  • Optimize the efficiency of your payroll and HR department
  • Securing the axes : employers / pay slips / employees


Study report

Our audit report of your pay will highlight:

  • Minor anomalies or anomalies of use
  • Major anomalies that pose a risk of recovery, recommendations.

Finally, a summary meeting will be proposed to your company as well as assistance for the implementation of the recommendations.


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