Training on social news & DSN

In an ever-changing regulatory context, Univers PAiE invites you to take a break and participate in a training course in “Social News & DSN phase 3”. Different dates are available throughout the year.

The objectives of this training day is to bring you efficiency by allowing you to understand the main changes in social news and their impact on payroll. Then to bring you expertise by teaching you the DSN phase 3 and finally to bring you exchange by giving you the ability to prepare and operate DSN.


An approved training organization

Univers PAiE has chosen to invest in the certification of its activity as a training organization thanks to the label “FAC” (Facilitator of Acquisition of Competences). This initiative has two objectives:

  • Certify the quality of our teaching methodology and its administration/management
  • For our clients, to facilitate the financial coverage of training courses by the organizations because of the training law of March 5, 2014

Our training courses are thus certified “FAC”, i.e. the certification is officially referenced for 3 years by the CNEFOP, in accordance with the quality decree n°2015-790 of June 2015. This certification is adapted to all training organizations, in particular Univers PAiE, and allows these different things:

  • That Univers PAiE be referenced by the financial backers and thus secure the coverage of your training courses.
  • To certify that Univers PAiE, as a training organization, complies with the quality decree.
  • Gain recognition and recognition of the quality of Univers PAiE’s training offer.

Two areas have to be checked by the funding organization: the legal quality criteria and the criteria of “regulatory compliance” and the “FAC” label, issued on 14 March 2017 by the I.Cert (Certification Institute), guarantees that Univers PAiE meets :

  • Specific identification of training objectives
  • Adaptation to the trainees
  • Adequacy of means
  • Qualification of trainers
  • Information on the offer
  • Taking into account assessments
  • Rules of procedure applicable to trainees
  • Services in line with confidentiality


Training by level and by profession

The quality of our training courses has always been recognized in a Quality approach which is based on 5 crucial axes that define the scope of our training courses. These are as followed:

Information collection and analysis

The transfer of information

Production control

The organization of teams and planning

The implementation and respect of procedures

Univers PAiE has a satisfaction rate of more than 90% since 2015. Univers PAiE will accompany you so that you have the necessary skills and as an approved training cent, we regularly provide training on our initiative or at your request:

  • Training and practical work adapted to your sector of activity
  • Formations génériques ou spécifiques, développées sur mesure
  • Generic or specific training, tailor-made
  • Inter-company or intra-company training, specifically adapted to your repository
  • Training and practical work adapted to your sector of activity
  • Generic or specific customized training courses
  • Training courses organized by level: from beginner to experienced managers
  • Inter- or intra-company training courses, specifically adapted to your reference system

Contact us and we will set up the best suited training course that fit your needs and ensure that you to have the necessary skills.


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